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Flyer for the Media science department from the University of Potsdam. Workshop "CANONICAL LITERARY COLLECTION MEDIENSCHISSENSCHAFT (KLM). POWER-CRITICAL METHODS OF CANONICITY".​

interakt, design, flyer

Flyer Interakt Stuttgart.

InterAKT is a young initiative from Stuttgart that brings artists from different disciplines together for interdisciplinary projects. InterAKT members are graduates of the Stuttgart art academies and young, international and freelance artists residing in Stuttgart.

As exciting as it sounds.


In the production of our premium dry gin, the chlorella algae is the star among our high-quality botanicals. It is not only used in distillation, but can also be added in powder form when creating your drink. The result is a harmonious composition with a touch of marine exoticism.

  For Algenfels - a spin-off from the University of Cologne, I designed the label and designed the cans and recipe books

Design of the logo for Samaja social media agency

Beer bottle design for Ribingurumu Bar in Stuttgart

Logo design, design and concept development for the "FUCHS UND HASE" festival in Herrenberg

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