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Hello Mas Palou :)

I saw your lovely Instragram account and that you will be host for a spring art recidency. What a nice chance! So i will take the opportunity and apply hereby for it.

Ok. Let me introduce myself first:

My name is Inga-Marie Ruxton and I finished my studies in Illustration and Design last February. Since then, I worked as a designer and also as a model. But as for many poeple, 2020 was a challenging year for me. Not only because of Corona, but also because of some personal decisions that I made. Now, I'm planning my next steps for the Future...

When I came accross your Instagram page, it filled my heart with joy. Your place is so beautiful and unique and I can see with how much care and love you are doing your family business. Its very delightful to see that. Especially in this difficult time, your farm looks like a piece of heaven and hope.


To think about how I would express my art at your place, I would definitely do some papercuts from motives of your house. But I would as well take my old super 8 filming camera with me and some other cameras to catch the beauty and the vibe that your house would give me.

So in the end, you would probably get from me a small movie about your farm and a unique papercut.



Since my husband is also a great painter and artist,


I would pack him in my suitcase, if this is manageable, to escape with him to your farm and to stimulate our visual sences for spring again.

Please scroll around my webpage to find more of my works. I've added some artworks that fit specifically Mas Palou. Some you've already seen above. some will follow here


Thank you for viewing

my portfolio and thank you

for this awesome oportunity.

I would love to get a place at

the residency. And if not

- its a very very good thing!

lots of love from Berlin


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